Trophy Trout Fly Fishing

Private Fly Fishing Club Memberships

fly fisherman holding giant tiger trout

The lakes and ponds of the LC Ranch are operated as an exclusive private fly fishing membership club and trout fishing preserve. “The Ranch” offers a unique, relaxed, unpressured trophy trout fly fishing experience in a pristine and beautiful environment for members. 

A limited amount of memberships are offered each season and only 15 total anglers (members and guests combined) per day are allowed. This is in order to best help preserve the resource, enhance solitude and provide an exclusive and enjoyable experience for members.

Daily fishing is for members and guests only there is no day fishing. Daily fishing spaces for members and guests are reserved through our online reservations system. Read on to learn more about the ranch and for an overview of memberships available. Please contact us here if you are interested in membership opportunities.

LC Ranch Fly Fishing Membership Highlights:

  • Over 20 lakes and ponds with trout populations
  • 15 anglers maximum per day allowed on property (members and member guests), online reservation system
  • Several days every season we have no anglers fishing, some days single members have the entire property to themselves
  • Private exclusive member only access, no day to day access
  • Variety of water types and sizes: From small lakes you can walk around to large lakes ideal for small boats

About The LC Ranch Stillwater Fishery

LC Ranch is located on approximately 1,200 acres of juniper, piƱon and sagebrush covered land on the South slope of the Uinta mountains just outside of Altamont, Utah. We are about 2 1/2 hours east of Salt Lake City or 2 hours east of Park City, Utah . We also have a private airstrip on the ranch for those that have their own aircraft.

Angler Showing Large Tiger Trout With Streamer In Mouth

The LC Ranch has over 20 different lakes and ponds to fish offering a range of options each day. Unlike many other private stillwater fisheries that offer only one or a handful of waters, we offer a wide variety. We also have the largest private fishing lakes in the state of Utah. The lakes and ponds are manmade but have been well established for decades with extensive vegetative growth surrounding them. They flourish with prolific aquatic habitat and insect growth providing excellent forage for trout.

Utah trophy brown trout

The stillwaters range from small 1/2 acre ponds that you can cast across, to larger lakes pushing 30 acres where boats are appropriate, offering a large diversity of fishing opportunities at the ranch.

The stillwater habitat is nearly perfect and includes vast weedbeds, shallow flats, deeper channels, drop offs, ledges and every other type of structure you can imagine. Depending on the season, the day and your preference, you may find yourself casting to cruisers with dry flies, stripping streamers for trophies in the depths or anything else in between. The LC Ranch is truly a stillwater trout fly fisher’s dream world! Check out our Utah Trophy Trout photo gallery for more pictures of the amazing fish!

The Ranch also offers a variety of nightly rental cabins and lodges located within walking distance of some of the private lakes. Our cabins have all of the modern conveniences with mountain cabin decor. Most of the cabins are equipped with satellite tv and wireless internet and some of them even have jacuzzi tubs. As an added benefit, members receive discounted pricing on lodging. We also have RV spaces available with full hookups.