Corsican Ram Hunts

Corsican Ram

The LC Ranch is pleased to offer a unique hunt for Utah hunters, the Corsican Ram. Corsican Rams are beautiful animals that provide a very attractive mount for your wall. Hunters can choose the method of hunting that they prefer when pursuing these trophy Corsican Rams.  We can accommodate hunters of all experience levels and ages on these ram hunts.

For more information, questions, or to book your hunt contact:

Tom Nye: (435) 454-4520
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Check out this video of a Corsican Ram Hunt here at LC Ranch:

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Corsican Rams are a modern breed of sheep that was developed by crossing the Mouflon Ram and the Barbados or Roan Sheep. Corsican Rams have reddish brown colored fur with some white and black especially in the face and mane below their neck. They do look somewhat similar to Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep although slightly different color and horn shape.

Our 1400 acre hunting ranch (700 high fenced acres) consists of acres of cedar tree groves, sagebrush flats, natural springs, and stillwater ponds which is the perfect habitat for the Corsican Rams.

This is not rustic camping. At the lc ranch we offer full accommodations on site in luxury cabins with all of the amenities. You will also have an experienced guide to help you take your Trophy Corsican Ram.

Corsican Ram Hunt Pricing*:

$550-$800 depending on size of animal.
*(Does not include guide gratuity, lodging and meals can be arranged)

Corsican Ram Hunt Season

Corsican Ram hunts are available year-round.

For more information, questions, or to book your hunt contact:

Tom Nye: (435) 454-4520

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